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Nigerian Dwarf Goats


A short stocky goat breed, Nigerian dwarf goats resemble miniaturized dairy goats with slender bodies. They have short, straight horns, which are often removed by owners for safety reasons. The nose is straight and the ears uptight and forward. The hair is short to medium and soft, with a variety of color patterns possible. Usually, Nigerian dwarf goats are black, white, chocolate, red or gold. White splotching and spots are common as well.


Nigerian Dwarf goats are gentle and easily trainable. This, along with their small size and colorful appearance, makes them popular as pets. Some breeders bottle-feed kids, which makes them more bonded with humans. Others prefer to let their mothers raise them naturally, finding bottle-fed kids to be overly clingy. With either method, they can be very friendly (but also very mean) and can easily be trained to walk on a leash and some enjoy coming into the house with their owners. Adult goats should not live in the house, however, because as ruminants, they need to spend a large part of the day eating hay, pasture, or browse.


In the wild
Though they prefer wooded pastures, this species can be found living in many different habitats in association with people.


Nigerian dwarf goats eat a wide variety of grasses, grains and other high-quality forage.

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