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Savannah Hawk


The savanna hawk is 46–61 cm in length and weighs 845 g. The adult has a rufous body with grey mottling above and fine black barring below. The flight feathers of the long broad wings are black, and the tail is banded black and white. The legs are yellow. The call is a loud scream keeeeru.


Savannah Hawks hunts from low perch in tree or any other place. It also swoops on prey white flying, and often walks on the ground, thanks to the long legs.


In the wild
Savannah Hawks frequents wooded and palm savannags and swapms’edges in tropical and suptroical regions. It is also found at forest edges and in mangroves. It is often near water. This species is visible up to 100 metres of elevation in Colombia. It prefers open country where it is often observed.


The savanna hawk feeds on small mammals, lizards,snakes, crabs and large insects. It usually sits on an open high perch from which it swoops on its prey, but will also hunt on foot, and several birds may gather at grass fires.

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