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.. Spider monkeys are smart! Their brain weights 107 grams and is twice the size of the howler monkey, which is about the same size - Mammals
.. The hippopotamus is born underwater - Mammals
.. Turtles do not have teeth , but a sharp beak , which they tear their food - Reptiles
.. Animals with smaller bodies and faster metabolism see in slow motion -
.. The word ‘’ flamingo’’ comes from the Spanish and Latin word ‘’ flamenco’’ which means fire, and refers to the bright color of the birds’ feathers - Birds
.. Young goats pick up accents from each other - Mammals
.. Rabbits are born with their eyes closed and without fur -
.. The American Kestrel is the most common falcon in North American. It is also the smallest falcon in North America - Birds
.. You can tell a turtle’s gender by the noise it makes. Males grunt, females hiss - Amphibians
.. Ants never sleep. Also they don’t have lungs - Insects
.. The name of a baby peafowl is a peachick - Birds
.. The female lion does ninety percent of the hunting - Mammals