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all animal facts
.. Oysters can change gender depending on which is best for mating - Fishes, Invertebrates
.. Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale - Mammals
.. The honey bee has been around for 30 million years - Insects
.. Iguanas, koalas and komodo dragons all have two penises! - Amphibians, Mammals, Reptiles
.. Animals with smaller bodies and faster metabolism see in slow motion -
.. Young goats pick up accents from each other - Mammals
.. Only half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps at a time. The other awake half makes the dolphin come up for air when needed to prevent drowning - Fishes, Mammals
.. Red-handed Tamarin Monkeys live in groups of 4 to 15 members with little competition among a group even between breeding males - Mammals
.. The largest chicken egg weighed nearly 12 ounces - Birds
.. Ants never sleep. Also they don’t have lungs - Insects
.. Rabbits are born with their eyes closed and without fur -
.. Honeybees can flap their wings 200 times every second - Insects