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Master plan

June 21st 2016 marks the beginning of something special for the Curaçao Zoo.

Our National Zoo dates back to the early forties.

The  Curaçao Zoo and Botanical garden will  celebrate  its 75th  anniversary  in 2017, for this milestone and also to support  the modern international standards in animal husbandry, it is a must that our zoo gets its well-deserved renovation on its way.

Our 10 year master plan started in 2011-2012 and took four years to complete, a plan that covers all the important aspects for a self-sustaining park. Where Education, Recreation and Imagination play a vital role. We are well on our way to start the renovation .For a few years we will be closing some areas and opening others so that our visitors can still enjoy a day at the zoo, and get triggered by our work to keep on supporting.

The role and purpose of our national zoo has changed  enormously in the recent decade, our future modern zoo aims to provide our community and visitors an opportunity to encounter the natural world and get inspired to work on conservation.

Our collaboration with the local detention center, ambulatory justice youth care service, groups and organizations that guide people with physical or mental limitations  is the most important aspect of our day to day work. Giving them a chance to show their skills, and admiring their passion and dedication for the work they do, is the most rewarding aspect of our days in the Zoo.

We work as a family to give back to our community and have empathy for every living been on our planet. Our master-plan gives the opportunity to make of our national Zoo a unique Botanical Garden, Art & Recreation, Zoo and learning institute for the  young and the young at heart.

Enjoy our detailed  master-plan in this PDF Curaçao Zoo Masterplan.  A beautiful product that will ignite your wildest imagination. In line with the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy  that  calls on zoos and aquariums to expand their support for field conservation activities and to integrate all aspects of their work with conservation activities. The Curaçao Zoo aims to further expand its  support for conservation on our  Island and abroad.

Our close working partnerships with in-situ conservation projects and zoos  abroad gives our staff the opportunity to  expand their knowledge and make our Zoo an ideal internship center. Giving students from so  many fields the opportunity to study and at the same time working for  a beautiful cause.

Some of the fields that we have opportunity in are, construction, art, woodwork, ironwork, horticulture, design, animal husbandry, vet-tech, animal behavior management, digital artwork, advertisements,  marketing, front office zoo-keeping and much more.

If you like to see our inspiring documentary “The Master plan” please click on this link and enjoy our hour long video.


The Curaçao Zoo Team